Mixed Medium+ Performance Art
Project Goal
A performance art that choose a daily routine to speed up the process or slow down the process. After experiencing the speeding up/slowing down the process, create a series of drawing to express the emotion you get out of from the process. 

The first thing came to my mind of speeding up the process of losing weight is to cut off food resources. In this project, I choose to do a performance art and use drawing as a record media to express the multiple feelings throughout the process.

In China, the general aesthetic of a girl is to be skinny and have pale color skin. And since I am neither of them, my surrounding families and friends have given me the “look” and their critical judgments. Being a good girl to my parent, I need to do what they asked for: lose weight. 

Initial weight
165CM, 58kg 

I am FAT. I hear this from my parents every time they see a picture of me. My body was judged everyday by my parents and friends. Am I really fat? I doubled. 

I think I am falling in love with the weighing-machine. I need to use it every ten minutes to see how it thinks of me. How come I am like this now? I need to get down to 50kg. Otherwise, I am too fat just like my mom told me. 

Today I took a shower, and I fainted. I saw sparks in my world, and it is pretty.

Still I do not feel skinny.
Day 1: 58.6kg, coffee, tea, water. I cannot help myself. I need some fish!
Day 2: 57.5kg, water. Had nothing eaten today. I had a very depress day. I went to school.
Day3: 57kg, a box Kiwi. I cried a lot today. Why is the society so harsh on women.
Day4: 56.7kg, an orange juice, an apple. I really really want to have the spicy chicken from ChengDu Taste.
Day5: 56kg, I felt very dizzy the whole day. I have a candy, a peach. Why am I crying again?
Day6: 55.65kg, I fainted today after taking a shower in the bathtub. 
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