I am FAT. I hear this from my parents every time they see a picture of me. My body was judged everyday by my parents and friends. Am I really fat? I doubled. 

I think I am falling in love with the weighing-machine. I need to use it every ten minutes to see how it thinks of me. How come I am like this now? I need to get down to 50kg. Otherwise, I am too fat just like my mom told me. 

Today I took a shower, and I fainted. I saw sparks in my world, and it is pretty.

Still I do not feel skinny.
Day 1: 58.6kg, coffee, tea, water. I cannot help myself. I need some fish!
Day 2: 57.5kg, water. Had nothing eaten today. I had a very depress day. I went to school.
Day3: 57kg, a box Kiwi. I cried a lot today. Why is the society so harsh on women.
Day4: 56.7kg, an orange juice, an apple. I really really want to have the spicy chicken from ChengDu Taste.
Day5: 56kg, I felt very dizzy the whole day. I have a candy, a peach. Why am I crying again?
Day6: 55.65kg, I fainted today after taking a shower in the bathtub. 
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