Project Goal
Final Project of Video Sound and Images. The assignment asks to create a video that is five to ten minutes long, and the theme can be in any genre and any way to be presented. 

For this project, I decided to shoot a documentary video of the NASA Rover team based in the industrial department on Rhode Island School of Design. I have been follow and record down footages throughout a year in the process of making the rover car. Since the club is very low key, and they do not have any video to show what they do, the club members got shrink down to a very small number. In order to promote the club, and also show what the club is achieving. I decided to make this into a promotion/micro-documentary video. 

RISD Rover
RISD Rover club is founded by industrial department in Rhode Island School of Design. This club is run by students only, and all the members contribute to built an off-course vehicle to compete in NASA’s Mars Rover Contest which is holding every year in Huntsville, Alabama. 
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