Project Goal
This project from my 3D Fundamentals class asks students to use wet clay, woodshop, laser cut, and MeshMixer to make a table. This project also needs students to consider what the main theme is, and who the surveillance is. 

For this project, I want to use the elements from the construction site because that is everywhere in the city and nonstop. Even though it does not add any prettiness to the town, it gives life to the city. The iron chain connected from the edge of the table to the hanging flat tabletop is what the whole city is lived upon. The crossing tabletop edge represents the steel bars that is always used during the construction. Using clay to represent concrete as the main element when the structure takes place. The surveillance part plays by the top of the tabletop. There is built-in tobacco. Tobacco means the construction workers, and these are the people who are observing what is happening.  
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