Project Goal
Working in assigned groups, produce an engaging three to five minute micro-documentary working in collaboration with an individual or organization with the goal of making the world a better place. You may interpret this prompt as broadly as you want as long as you can make a convincing argument for your choice.
1. Tell the story of an individual or organization that is making a significant difference in terms of making the world a better place.
2. In collaboration with your primary character, work with them as a creative contributor on a team to produce a cohesive micro-documentary.
3. Demonstrate your fluency in fundamental documentary storytelling, camerawork, lighting, location sound recording, picture editing, sound editing, and sound mixing.

Scout is a student founded club base in graphic design in Northeastern University.
We want to interview Scout members and also their co-founders. We want the final video to show how Scout work as a team, and also appreciate the effort of every Scout member. 
Shooting location: Scout Studio
Interviewees: Chair president of Scout, member of Scout

My Role ​​​​​​
I actively talked to my team members and also I went out and reach out for organizations to help. I have prepared all the documents that would be needed for the micro- doc project and sent to the organization. I was in charged with sound recording, lighting and sound designing. I checked out all the gears for our team and setting up the lighting and the zoom. I was helping the interviewees to wear the lav. I always communicated well with my teammates, and we have worked together on the editing parts. Also I prepare all the documents for my teammate to work on. However, our team did not get to meet often or work together. I did all I can do for my part at home or school myself. Since my team member did not come to the day of the reviewing the first draft, I have written down all the suggestions that the instructor gave on paper and made sure everyone gets it.

Partner with Atima Kancanawat, Kathy Tangarife
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