Medium: Digital Embroidery; Recycled Apparel & Fabric
Size: Varied

As a socially contagious yet affordable merchandise category, appealing to an expansive, ready-to-spend consumer group, the loudly visual-focusing streetwear serves as an impactful cultural medium to advocate aesthetics and lifestyle, an artificial remedy for plant blindness.
A Pale Dot, joining forces with its namesake plant shop, was founded to celebrate the botanic lifestyle in a fashion-centered frontier, celebrating different unique species with varying treatments such as applique and embroidery.
From 1886 through 1936, Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka produced 4,300 glass models of 780 plant species, capturing the essence of foliage, blooms, and steams with the mysterious, lingering form of glass-making.
Inspired by such an art form, I experimented with different executions of treatments, fabrics, and stitches to best capture the essence of each plant within my collection, with rounds of refining iterations. 
With all treatments and embroidery digitized, this expanding prototype collection is prepared for mass production.
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